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Whistleblowing Policy
Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited

   The Board of Directors is committed to conducting business with honesty, transparency, and accountability under the principles of good corporate governance. Therefore, a Whistleblowing Policy has been established to provide opportunities for all groups of stakeholders to have a whistleblowing channel. This policy also specifies procedures and whistleblower protection measures to ensure that the process is clear, transparent, and fair.

1. Scope of Whistleblowing

A whistleblower can raise concerns about important matters that may have a negative impact on the Company, as follows:

1.1Practices in conflict with or suspected breach of laws, wrongdoing of rules, regulations, the company's articles of association, and workplace regulations.
1.2Practices in conflict with or suspected of non-compliance with good corporate governance policies, business ethics, or the code of conduct for Company Directors, Management, and employees.
1.3Fraud, irregularities in the financial reports, the preparation of false financial documents, or suspected acts of corruption or misconduct.
1.4Rights being violated or treated unfairly.
1.5Any actions seen as a conflict of interest.
1.6Any matters that may pose a problem, causing damage to the Company, or have a negative impact or adverse effect on the best interests, as well as the overall reputation and image of the Company.

2. Whistleblowing Channel

   Those who come across any evidence, are aware of any, or have a bona fide probable cause to suspect that Directors, the Management, or the employee have engaged in any behavior according to item 1 or played a part in such acts, whether directly or indirectly, are able to raise whistleblowing in the following manner:

2.1Make a complaint and inform, verbally or in a writing, to the immediate Superior; and if no response or action is taken, then inform the Superior Officer at the next level above, or Director of Human Resources Division.
2.2Complain and inform via registered postal mail addressed to The Audit Committee, or Director of Human Resources Division, or Director of Internal Audit Office, or Chairman of Anti-Corruption Working Group, or The Company Secretary at the following mailing address:

Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited

132 Soi Charoenrat 7, Bangkhlo, Bangkholaem, Bangkok 10120

2.3Complain and inform via email or telephone, with contact details are as follows:
Agencies Telephone Number E-mail Address
Audit Committee -
Human Resources Division 0-2289-3100 Ext. 490
Internal Audit Office 0-2289-3100-9 Ext. 207 ,
The Anti-Corruption Working Group 0-2289-3100-9 Ext. 385
Company Secretary 0-2689-8324
2.4In the event that a Director or Executive Director is involved in any suspected illegal or improper activities or has played of part in such acts, both directly and indirectly, the whistleblower should be submitted directly to the Audit Committee.
2.5In the event that the whistleblower does not wish to reveal his/her identity, then full detailed facts must be given or clear factual evidence that will sufficiently point to acts of wrongdoing.

3. Investigation Procedures

The Company will listen to and process all complaints in an equal, transparent, and fair manner. There are systematic and fair measures in place to protect the whistleblower, and the whistleblower's information will be kept confidential by the Company. The details of the investigation procedures are as follows:
3.1The whistleblowing recipient will collect and verify the validity of information and evidence, including investigating the facts and summarizing the results. Alternatively, they may assign reliable persons or divisions to carry out such operation. However, the person conducting the investigation must not have any interest in the whistleblowing matter.

The whistleblowing recipient or the assigned divisions who conduct fact-finding investigations have the authority to invite relevant persons to provide information and request various documents and evidence from the relevant parties. They will then report the results and findings, along with proposing the appropriate punishment and disciplinary actions to be taken or the means to provide relief to those who have suffered any loss or damage, in an appropriate and equitable manner, to the Managing Director for approval.

In the event that the suspected wrongdoer is a Director or an Executive Director, the whistleblowing recipient will report the incident and information to the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Audit Committee who will appoint an Investigation Committee. The Investigation Committee will then report the results and findings, along with proposing the appropriate punishment and disciplinary actions to be taken or the means to provide relief to those who have suffered any loss or damage, in an appropriate and equitable manner, to the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Audit Committee for approval.


In the event that the whistleblower reveals his/ her identity, the result of the investigation will be given to him/ her.

In case of whistleblowing regarding corruption, follow the Company’s Regulations on Compliance with the Policy on Anti-Corruption.

4. Whistleblower Protection Measures

4.1The whistleblower or informant can choose whether, or not, to reveal his/ her Identity, if revealing the identity will make the person feel insecure and unsafe, or will subject the person to any loss or damage.
4.2The Company will maintain all such information received in strict confidence, together with taking into consideration the safety of the whistleblower or informant - unless it is obliged to disclose such information as specified by any applicable laws.
4.3The Company will prevent and ensure that the whistleblower or informant are not threatened or his/ her rights are not violated, as well as will punish anyone who threatens or violates the rights of the whistleblower or informant.
4.4In the event that the investigative process is completed, and there is no evidence of the any actual wrongdoing as informed, the Company will not punish or use this as an excuse to take any action detrimental to the employment of the whistleblower if the information was given in a genuinely honest manner or with good intent, including those who cooperate in the investigation. Additionally, if anyone has suffered any loss or damage as a result of the information received, then he/ she will also be compensated and given any relief for the loss or damage suffered, in an appropriate and equitable manner.

However, in the event that it is clearly evident to sufficiently indicate that the information or complaint received from the whistleblower is made with a dishonest or malicious intent, so as to result in damages for the suspected wrongdoer or the Company, then the Company will investigate and, if so, impose disciplinary punishment in accordance with the regulations and/or also take legal proceedings against the whistleblower.

This Whistleblowing Policy is approved by The Board of Directors’ meeting no.7/2023 on November 8, 2023, and shall take effect from December 1, 2023 onwards