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Corporate Business Nature

Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of finished garment products, consisting of ladies' lingerie, ladies' outerwear, and children wear products, with its main product category being ladies' lingerie, manufactured under licensed brands and the company's own registered brands, with its domestic sales and export sales accounting for 77% and 23% of the company's total sales turnover respectively.

With regard to the distribution of its products to the domestic market, I.C.C. International Public Company Limited is the company’s major customer. Whereas for its export business operations, the company exports its products to affiliated companies under Wacoal Corporation, to major country destinations such as Japan, the U.S., and ASEAN countries.

Ladies' Lingerie

Ladies' lingerie represents the main product category being manufactured and sold by the company, under the brandnames of Wacoal, WIENNA, B'me, Sgarlet, Presea and CW-X altogether accounting for 91% of its total sales turnover.

Children Wear

The company manufactures children wear under the brandnames of ENFANT, Little Wacoal, De bon and Amusant. Children wear sales account for 5% of the company's total sales turnover.

Ladies' Outerwear

The company manufactures ladies' outerwear under the brandnames of 5.up, Race' and Erawan Uniforms & Workwear. Ladies' outerwear sales account for 3% of the company's total sales turnover.