Whistleblowing Policy

The Board of Directors gives employees and stakeholders an opportunity to give information or file a complaint on a matter which could constitute a violation of the law, dishonest or wrongful act of an employee, including irregular behavior which could cause a problem or loss to the company. The company also receives complaints on cases where the rights of an employee or stakeholder has been infringed or where they have been treated unfairly. Suitable channels and procedures have been provided by the company in this regard.

The company will hear and process all complaints impartially, transparently and fairly. Systematic and just measures for the protection of complainants are provided. Information provided by the complainant is kept confidential in the company.

Whistleblowing Channel

The Board of Directors laid down a Whistleblowing Policy to justly protect the whistleblowers including the protection from persecution when filing a report, in which the company will receive and carry out the complaints with fairness, transparency, and justification following a systematic and unbiased protection measures.

The company provides the channel for all the stakeholders to file the report or complaint on those matters likely to cause damage to the company, whether they concern the accuracy of financial statements, internal control system deficiency, or any act likely to violate the laws and business ethics, or the matters that the stakeholders' right is violated or the corruption. They can directly communicate through the channel as follows:

Agencies Telephone Number E-mail Address
The Audit Committee-auditcommittee@wacoal.co.th
Human Resources and General Affairs Division0-2289-3100-9 Ext. 490hr@wacoal.co.th
Internal Audit Office 0-2289-3100-9 Ext. 207, 0-2291-0591audit@wacoal.co.th
The Anti-Corruption Working Group0-2289-3100-9 Ext. 385cac@wacoal.co.th
Company Secretary0-2689-8324secretariat@wacoal.co.th

Or send a registered mail to The Audit Committee, Director of Human Resources and General Affairs Division, Director of Internal Audit Office, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Working Group, or Company Secretary at

The company will carefully examine the complaints by the rules, using mechanism that does not cause an impact on the whistleblowers. The results obtained through the investigation will then be reported directly to The Board of Directors, whereby the information of the whistleblowers will be kept secret by the company, unless it is required to be disclosed by law.

Whistleblower Protection Measures

  • The Company will, protect the rights of the bone fide informant/ whistler-blower/ complainant; whereby this will be in accordance with the established procedures and measures specified in the code of conduct for Company Directors, the Management and Staff.
  • 1. The informant/ whistle-blower/ complainant can choose whether, or not, to reveal his/ her Identity, if revealing the identity will make the person feel insecure and unsafe, or will subject the person to any loss or damage. As such, if the person chooses to reveal his/ her identity, it will better enable Company to feedback any progress relating to the information given and to disclose the true facts or provide some relief for any loss or damages suffered in a more effective and convenient manner.
  • 2. The Company will keep confidential the name or any other personal information that will facilitate the exact identification of the whistle-blower/ informant/ complainant; whereby the receiver of the information as well as the person(s) handling the investigation will maintain absolute confidentiality of the information and relevant data - unless required to disclose such information as specified by any applicable laws.
  • 3. The Company will prevent and ensure that the informant/ whistle-blower/ complainant is not threatened or his/ her rights are not violated during the investigative process, as well as will punish anyone who threatens or violates the rights of the informant/ whistle-blower/ complaint.
  • 4. The Company will undertake extra special protective measures corresponding to the potential degree of danger for the informant/ whistle-blower/ complaint.
  • 5. In the event that the investigative process is completed, and there is no evidence of the any actual wrongdoing as informed, the Company will not punish or discipline the informant/ whistle-blower/ complaint if the information was given in a genuinely honest manner or intent. And, if anyone has suffered any loss or damage as a result of the information received, then he/ she will also be compensated and given any relief for the loss or damage suffered as appropriate and in an equitable manner.
  • 6. The Company will not demote, punish, or subject any person to any negative actions against them, in the event that any employee or Staff is a bone fide informant, whistle-blower or complainant, or anyone who cooperates in any associated investigation process, or refuses to pay bribes even if such refusal may result in the company losing business.
  • 7. However, in the event that it is clearly evident to sufficiently indicate that the information or complaint received from the whistle-blower is made with a dishonest or malicious intent, so as to result in damages for the suspected wrongdoer or the Company, then the Company will investigate and, if so, impose disciplinary punishment in accordance with the regulations and/or also take legal proceedings against the informant or complainant who is an employee of the Company. If the informant is an external person/ party, then the Company will consider taking legal proceedings in accordance with the applicable laws.