Company Background

The Fifth Decade: Free Trade Era

(2010 - Present)
  • Due to the 40th Anniversary of the company establishment, a fashion show Princess Collection under the royal patronage of Princess Siriwannawaree was organized and proceed was donated to build the Breast Cancer Center.
  • Started to produce and distribute Wacoal Gold, lingerie products for health conscious individuals and elderly women. This is a market base expansion as well as modernized the image of products to suit customers in every age group, as the slogan "40 Years of Deep Understanding towards Women".
  • Established the Tora 1010 Company Limited to export products to overseas market.
  • Adjusted the organizational structure based on the Lean Organization concept, so that working is highly versatile and can meet the demand of customers quickly.
  • Develop new marketing channel by opening "His & Her Shop" and use social network to reach more customers
  • Collaborate with business partners organize "School of Deep Textile" project which helps develop textile and garment specialists for new business model.
  • Launch brand new product "B'me" and develop wide variety marketing channels to match with the customers' behavior in digital age.
  • Established Pattaya Myanmar Co.,Ltd. to expand production base in CLMV.
  • Restructure Logistics and warehouse management system to improve efficiency.
  • Apply Omni Channel marketing concept, connect marketing channels so that customers can access variety of products such as Shop Interactive, Shopping Online, TV Shopping, Call Center, and Social Media, etc.
  • Adjust the Brand Concept under the concept "Beauty Inside".
  • Join with Science and Sports Technology College, Mahidol University to carry out the Project to survey Thai women's body shape throughout the country and establish laboratory to analyze body shapes and products.
  • Organize the Wacoal Body Clinic to provide service and consultancy to customer who has problem with body shape with special innovative products which can meet every customer's needs.
  • Joint venture with Wacoal Corp., Japan to establish Myanmar Wacoal Co., Ltd. as production base for ladies undergarments in the future.
  • Expand Wacoal Body Clinic Shop branches to various regions so that customers and public can access special products tailoring service.
  • Educate and strengthen Wacoal Sport image, publicize CW-X products for health conscious customers, who love to exercise.
  • Joint venture with Wacoal Corp., Japan and Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited, to startup A Tech Textile Co., Ltd. and G Tech Material Co., Ltd. to be the base for the production of raw materials for women's lingerie in the future.
  • Joint venture with Wacoal Corp., Japan to startup Myanmar Wacoal Co., Ltd. as a base for lingerie production to support the economic growth of the ASEAN Economic Community.
  • Increased investment in Pattaya Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and became an associated company.
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