Company Background

Third Decade: Proof of Organization Strenght

(1990 - 1999)
  • Introduced highly precise tools and equipment to analyze physiological features such as Silhouette Analyzer, Moire and Sketched Outlines.
  • Established the Product Research & Development Center to research, test and analyze the quality of textile materials based on the JIS (Japanese International Standard) as well as research and develop new raw materials.
  • Provide Clinical Wear Service to individuals, so that the wound dries quickly, treatment for burns, scald wounds.
  • Established 3 more subsidiaries: Wacoal Lamphun Company Limited, Wacoal Kabinburi Company Limited, and Pattaya Kabinburi Company Limited respectively.
  • Converted to public company limited and increase capital continuously respectively. Currently, the registered capital is 120 million baht.
  • Starting the Thailand Best Project and promote the products in the group to overseas market by organizing "Sahagroup Export & Trade", which is organized annually until present day.
  • Established the Call Center, Customers Relations Center
  • The company issued 500 million baht bond to reduce the loan from banks.

The Third Decade is a test to the strength and management strategy and the company was able to come through the economic crisis steadily. This is the age to meet the demand of customers and use information to develop products as well as expanded production capacity to other regions of the country, so as to conform to the industrial expansion policy to the regions.

Morie Camera
Wacoal Laboratory
Balancing Bra, Clinical wear
wacoal thailand best

The Fourth Decade: Move Forward with Innovations

(2000 - 2009)
  • Started the "Wacoal Pink Ribbon Fight Against Breast Cancer Project" campaign to Thai women, so that they become aware to take care of themselves and prevent against breast cancer.
  • Introduce the customers' demand analysis system: Quality Function Deployment and Kansei Engineering to design products.
  • Develop new innovation service "Balancing Bra Service", provide tailoring service to women who have lost their breasts and consistently gives Balancing Bra to women who have lost their breasts but could not afford to buy the Balancing Bra.
  • The company adjust the product image to premium grade, cut the borderline between underwear and casual wear by developing "Diamond Intimacy" as a new product with Swarovski crystal on underwear as first launch.

The Fourth Decade is an age of competition. The company marketing strategy is on the offensive, adjusted the product image, implement innovation where consumers are concerned about the environment, laid down solid information system so as to rapidly strengthen internal management and help the management to efficiently manage the supply chain.

Balancing Bra
Diamond Intimacy

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