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Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited was established through joint-venture investments between Saha Pathanapibul Company Limited and Wacoal Corporation of Japan on October 1, 1970, as the first ladies' lingerie products manufacturer on an industrial basis in Thailand. In 1983, the company became a listed company on The Stock Exchange of Thailand, and later on in 1994 was transformed into a public company.

Today, the company was engaged in the manufacturing and selling of ladies' apparel products, covering the range of ladies' lingerie, ladies' outerwear, and childrenwear, with ladies' lingerie category serving as the core product group for the company.

With regard to the distribution of its products to the domestic market, I.C.C. International Plc. is the company's maior customer. Whereas for its export business operations, the company exports its products to affiliated companies under Wacoal Corporation, to major country destinations such as Japan, the U.S., and ASEAN countries.

The First Decade: Establishment of Business Foundation

(1970 -1979)
  • Started to produce lingerie products.
  • Expanded the production to cover girdle, underwear, short bodysuit, petticoat and nightwear products.
  • The company started to export to overseas market for the first time. The company further added children wear and outerwear products to its product line-up.
  • Increased the registered capital from 4 million baht to 8 million baht.
  • Started production for children wear to distribute locally.
  • Increased the registered capital to 20 million baht.

The First Decade is the pioneer stage of lingerie products, which employed marketing and innovation strategies for new products and services, such as arrange salespersons to give suggestions to customers so as to choose lingerie products which fit each individuals' physiology. The company is also the first to use the special term for lingerie salesperson as "Proportion Consultant" or "PC", which has become widely used today. The company also arranged for "Fitting Room" at stores and is the first to introduce the Cup and Size System as well as determine the lingerie products at fixed price. The company is also the first brand to air the lingerie advertisement on television in Thailand. As a result, the product brand became widely known and totally changed the behavior and concept of women towards lingerie products.

wacoal production history
wacoal production history
wacoal production history
wacoal production history

The Second Decade: Exponential Growth

(1980 - 1989)
  • Changed the company logo from to the due to the 10th Year Anniversary of its establishment on 1st October 1980. The logo looks like a blooming flower, which represents progress of the company. The color code for the company is red-wine and pink.
  • The computer system was introduced in the production line for the first time.
  • Joint-ventures with many raw materials producers to study and develop new raw materials with equal quality to foreign countries. As a result, it replaced more than 90% of import.
  • Expanded production by establishing the SR.W.Garment Company Limited at the Saha Group Sriracha Industrial Park, Cholburi.
  • The company also launched "Wacoal Computer Service" to provide the proportion measurement service to customers with advanced computer program, so as to find out the Cup and Size and choose the lingerie which fits to the body.
  • Established the Wacoal Body Clinic at Sogo Department Store, Ratchaprasong to provide special lingerie tailoring service to individuals and persons with special physical features.
  • Changed the mini computer system to mainframe system to increase efficiency in all departments.
  • Increased the registered capital to 40 million baht and established the Wien Company Limited to produce lingerie products, brandname: WIENNA in the direct sales system. Currently, the company is the leader in the direct sales system with the most members and changed its name to Wien International Company Limited in 2011.

In the Second Decade, this is the age of improvement to management system, business expansion, search for new raw materials sources to provide stability and increase the competitive edge of the company amidst increasing competition.

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